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Friday, September 14, 2012

Some thoughts on being a business owner, a test for you, and a reminder about the awesome opportunity for local businesswomen!

See if you can guess all 4 super-successful businesswomen
(hint, they’re all Australian).

One of the reasons I’m so passionate about helping business-owners succeed is because most of us weren’t born entrepreneurs.

If you’ve read Michael Gerber’s E-Myth, then you’ll know that most business owners are 3 people in one – the entrepreneur, the manager, the technician. And according to Gerber the breakdown is approximately 10% entrepreneur, 20% manager, and 70% technician, suggesting that what many business owners actually own is a busy, time-consuming, and highly stressful job.

So if being a successful business owner is a learned skill, we need to be open to all the different ways to learn. One way is to learn from those who’ve already succeeded. It may be just succeeded in business, or in your specific industry.

Unashamedly, I love motivational guru Tony Robbins. Tony counsels that regardless of your objective, you should learn from people who have already succeeded. He says “Mastery in any area requires immersion, dedication, and modelling those who are already outstanding.” I love it.

He uses losing weight as an example. Rather than partnering with someone else who’s struggling with their weight, you should look to people you know who have already successfully made diet and exercise changes.

Makes sense yeah? Ergo, if you’re a business owner, you should be actively seeking out entrepreneurs you’d like to emulate and learn their secrets and their mistakes. Why reinvent the wheel?

I always recommend modelling your systems and procedures on businesses that are more successful than yours, and regularly spend time learning from business owners who have already made a success of practices you’d like to implement in your own.

Which is all a segue into reminding you about my Morning Tea for local businesswomen on Thursday 27 September (10am-11.30am so not a big chunk out of the day). Somehow we’ve managed to get Julie Bishop ( Deputy Leader of the Federal Liberal Party and Shadow Minister for Foreign Affairs & Trade) as the key speaker. Pretty impressive for out in the burbs, right?

But I want to be clear, this is NOT a political event, it’s a rare opportunity to hear one of Australia’s most successful and influential women speak about business leadership – IN CROYDON.

I’ll also be presenting some great advice and easy tips for positioning yourself as an expert in your industry to improve your business profitability. Oh and yes there will be a truly scrumptious morning tea. Ordinarily there would be a price per head for this type of event, however The Hendrie Group is covering all costs so that as many local businesswomen as possible can attend. By the way, business men are welcome to come along too. Click here for a copy of the invitation.

Places are strictly limited to 50 and it’s already more than half booked, so please call us on 9725 2533 or email me at if you’d like to attend.

Now for the fun bit, see if you can guess all four super-successful business women and post below if you think you know.