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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Huh? You wanna to interview li'l ol' me...?

This week Leader Newspapers published an interview with yours truly in their Maroondah edition. I've re-produced it below for non-Maroondah dwellers.


Croydon Financial Planner and local Radio Presenter, Caren Hendrie of The Hendrie Group, was interviewed about the global financial crisis (GFC).

Question: Is the GFC over?

Caren: The worst is behind us, but we’re still experiencing fallout. Many small businesses continue to do it tough, it’s harder to borrow money, and many Australians are still nervous about the share market.

Question: Should we be nervous about the share market?

Caren: If you get good advice, invest in quality, and apply all the usual risk management fundamentals, then there’s actually a fantastic opportunity to invest while prices are still low.

Question: So investors haven’t left their run too late?

Caren: Put it this way, the Australian All Ordinaries Index is currently hovering around 5000 points, but it reached 6873 in 2007. Historically, the share market has always returned to a higher point than its previous record, we just can’t predict “when”.

Question: After more than 10 years in radio, did your program suffer during the GFC?

Caren: Interestingly, it actually increased in popularity. Listeners appreciated someone putting everything in perspective, and in language they could understand.

Question: Any final tips for readers?

Caren: Call The Hendrie Group. We’re offering readers a free financial planning meeting until June 30. Just call us and mention you read this interview in Leader. And of course, tune into You & Your Money on 98.1 Radio Eastern, every Thursday after the 9am news. You can also follow my money blog on

The Hendrie Group, 23 Lacey St, Croydon. Phone 9725 2533.

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