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Friday, October 5, 2012

Hear me roar?

Being a female in the finance & business industry is challenging. Being a 45kg, 5ft, female in finance & business can be, well let’s just say “interesting”. Consequently, there've been times I've needed to roar.

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When it comes to finance, even personal finances, there are still many women who feel in the dark. And that's not a comfortable place. Working with women over the past 18 years, I've found the following issues have been reasonably common:

- little or no involvement in the household finances;
- little or no knowledge of family bank accounts, investments, insurance policies, etc;
- lower superannuation balances due to time out of the work force;
- lower income earning capacity due to time out of the workforce;
- re-building financial position after separation or divorce;
- a general concern about finances.

If any of those resonate with you, it's time to “roar.” We're lucky to live in the information age and knowledge is power. There are great ways to learn more about money and take control of your financial circumstances. My advice is to find out as much as you can – read widely, attend presentations, talk to other women, and of course, listen to experts. Take charge and find out more about:

- ways to optimise your super balances;
- strategies to ensure you earn and draw your income as effectively as possible;
- being actively involved in the household finances at least to the extent that you understand where things are, or which specialists to talk with in the event you unexpectedly become responsible.
- about money and finance in general so that it becomes comfortable and maybe even fun!

Where I believe we have a key responsibility is taking advantage of the information age and making sure our children, understand financial concepts, regardless of gender. Now I’m not talking about arbitrage or futures trading, but giving them confidence and comfort around the specific money issues they will most likely face - budgeting, borrowing, saving, tax, superannuation, cashflow, insurance etc,

The better their understanding, the better their capacity to make sensible and appropriate long-term financial decisions.

Ok so this blog has changed direction a few times, what are the key out-takes?

1) If you are, or if you know, a woman in business click here for more details about my 10 things women in business should know morning tea;

2) Many women still don't feel 100% confident when it comes to money or financial decisions. More importantly, have been financially disadvantaged and need to take back some control.

3) We should be teaching our kids about money now to help them make financial decisions.

If knowledge is power, make sure you have plenty!

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