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Monday, December 16, 2013

Christmas budget tips - you know you need them

I have to be honest, I was pretty happy with myself for having most of my Christmas shopping done by the end of October this year.  Let's face it, if we're not super organised, Christmas can be pretty stressful instead of the fun and happy time that it should be.

I'll never forget my brother ringing me in total panic about 10 years ago because he hadn't bought a present for his then girlfriend (now wife) Jenny.  The reason he was panicking was that it was 7pm on Christmas Eve and he'd mistakenly thought the shops were open until midnight.  D'OH!!!!!!

Funny now, but at the time...

If you didn't catch my recent newsletter article then just click here for my easy and practical tips for Christmas spending.  It may be a little too late this year for some of the tips, so feel free to make use of them in 2014!

Talk soon,

PS. Please don't keep me a secret.  If you know someone who'd enjoy this or find it useful, pass it on!

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