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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

68% of clients or customers leave you for 1 reason

68% of clients or customers leave you for 1 reason

It boils my blood when I hear business coaches claiming that price isn't an issue in business, that's just rubbish!  That said, I completely agree that it's not the only issue.  In fact in most cases it's not even the most important issue.

As a Financial Adviser I like to deal with facts, and there's a survey done on a regular basis by the Technical Assistance Research Program in Washington, which addresses why customers don't buy from you or why they leave you and move to a competitor.

The results are broken into 5 categories:

Convenience 3%:
This means a person would choose not to deal with a business or would leave that business because it's more convenience to buy elsewhere. 

Relationship at a high level 9%
This means that someone close to your customer opened a new business or moved to another company and they want to deal with that person because of the important relationship.  It could be a close friend or a family member. 

Miscellaneous 5%
This is simply those reasons that couldn't be categorised clearly. 

Product/price/time 15%
This actually means potential customers want a certain product or service, at a certain price, whenever they want it - for example, right now, next week, or what have you. 

______________ ? 68%

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