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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

One word can make a difference - creating great offers

What does it take to create a great offer for your clients or customers?

Remember that advertising slogan "oils ain't oils"?  Well I'd also like to submit that "offers ain't offers". Most businesses make special offers to their customers or clients at some stage, and of course the objective of doing this is to entice them to buy your product or service.  But an offer will only do that successfully if it's constructed properly, and to do that you need to first understand the psychology behind offers.

You may not consciously realise this, but when you make an offer what you're trying to do is overcome human inertia.  You're trying to create a set of circumstances that will motivate your customers or potential customers to take action.

An offer gives people a reason, an incentive, AND an opportunity to try your product, service, or business for themselves.  They no longer have to take your word for it - they can try the product or service or your business as a whole and find out for themselves what it's like to deal with you.

Better yet, it gives them a reason to act NOW rather than later.

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